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A Scottish start-up is creating eco-friendly dyes from seaweed – available in every colour but ...

The Scotsman 17 Apr 2024
A new Scottish start-up is in the pink as seaweed yields a full spectrum of colours to create eco-friendly dyes that are always green ....

Will seaweed on Florida beaches be bad in 2024? Here's the latest outlook

TCPalm 17 Apr 2024
Seaweed blob floats along Florida coast, washing up on beaches. A large blob of seaweed is floating off the Florida coast and washing up on beaches ... Massive sargassum seaweed crowds Key West, Florida ... Will hurricanes break up sargassum seaweed?.

VIDEO: Seaweed microbots could one day treat cancer, researcher says

GDN Online 16 Apr 2024
It is the first of its kind, its developers say ... .

Caribbean startups are turning excess seaweed into an agroecology solution

Mongabay 16 Apr 2024
It was the fourth year in what has become an annual nightmare, with an estimated 18,100 kilograms (20 tons) of seaweed inundating Caribbean shorelines each year and wrecking the region’s tourism-centered economies.

Spider venom, seaweed and bee research projects share million-dollar funding (University of the Sunshine Coast)

Public Technologies 15 Apr 2024
UniSC marine ecologist Dr Alexandra Campbell has secured $360,000 towards research on Golden Kelp forests, a project that will investigate ways to better understand and restore South East Queensland's remaining underwater seaweed forests ... Disclaimer.

How seaweed became multicellular

Science Daily 12 Apr 2024
A deep dive into macroalgae genetics has uncovered the genetic underpinnings that enabled macroalgae, or 'seaweed,' to ...

Macroalgae genetics study sheds light on how seaweed became multicellular

Phys Dot Org 12 Apr 2024
A deep dive into macroalgae genetics has uncovered the genetic underpinnings that enabled macroalgae, or "seaweed," to evolve multicellularity ... Macroalgae genetics study sheds light on how seaweed ...

Toxic gas, livelihoods under threat and power outages: how a seaweed causes chaos in Caribbean

The Guardian 11 Apr 2024
Such crises were some of the consequences of sargassum seaweed in the islands of the Caribbean in 2023, which have ...

Replacing plastic with seaweed: researchers launch biodegradable ‘forever chemicals’ alternative (Edinburgh Napier University)

Public Technologies 11 Apr 2024
"Coming from industry previously, we had no connections, no money, and no experience of seaweed ... "We immediately saw the potential of using brown seaweed cellulose from existing seaweed processing to produce nanocellulose.

FAU Lands $1.3 Million Grant to Clean Up Stinky Seaweed in Florida (FAU - Florida Atlantic University)

Public Technologies 10 Apr 2024
Conversely, this stinky brown seaweed provides vital habitats for marine life including loggerhead sea turtles ... Once Sargassum deluges beaches, removing, disposing and repurposing the seaweed presents many logistical and economic challenges.

Sabah’s seaweed industry has big potential

The Star 08 Apr 2024
SEMPORNA. Sabah’s seaweed industry, especially in Semporna, can be greatly expanded through the development of high-impact downstream products, says Sula­bayan assemblyman Datuk Jaujan Sambakong. Read full story ... .